Why are my text messages not being received?


We've found that when people aren't receiving text messages, it's usually because the phone carriers are blocking them. Unfortunately, each carrier has it's own set of criteria for determining which messages are SPAM and which are not. But usually it's because of one of the following:

1. Message content - it's possible that certain words in the message are raising flags, and are making the carrier mark the message as SPAM.

2. Messages sent per hour - If a large number of messages are being sent out at once, this could also raise red flags. If you have a lot of messages to be delivered which are not time-sensitive, it's best to throttle the sending of them as much as possible.

3. IP address - Sometimes the IP address that is sending the message can be blocked by some carriers. For Data247's Text@ service, the IP address doesn't matter because you're sending the message via email.

4. Email address - Carriers may block an email address, or an entire web domain if they believe SPAM messages are coming from them. If you're using a business email account (as opposed to a free Yahoo or Gmail account), there are things you can do to increase your email's reputation. Here's a link to an article which may be helpful for this:


If you are using a free email account, you may want to try using a different one, or switching to a business email account and following the suggestions in the above article.

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