What do the Text@ and Carrier247 services do?


If you input a USA or Canadian phone number to Carrier247(Carrier Type), it will return the type of phone it is:

  • L=Landline
  • M=Mobile
  • V=VOIP

If you input a phone number to Text@, Carrier247(USA), or Carrier247(International), it will return:

  • the carrier's name
  • the type of phone it is

Carrier247(USA) works for USA and Canadian numbers. Carrier 247(USA) has number portability awareness for USA numbers, that means that when someone ports their phone number from one carrier to another, we know about it almost immediately, and we guarantee that our records will be updated within one business day, although they usually will be updated within an hour.

Unfortunately, due to regulations in Canada, we cannot provide local number portability data for Canadian phone numbers to customers unless they get approval from the Canadian Local Number Portability Consortium (CLNPC).

For Carrier247(USA), if the phone is wireless, it will also return:

  • the SMS Gateway Address
  • the MMS Gateway Address

The SMS and MMS Gateway Addresses can be used to send text messages and picture messages to wireless phones. The Gateway Addresses are email addresses of the carrier. To send a text to the recipient, you send an email message to the carrier using the Gateway Email Address, and the carrier sends your message to the recipient as an SMS or MMS message.

NOTE: Text@ and Carrier247(USA) are identical in function and price.

The Gateway Addresses are not available for Carrier247(International) since most international carriers don't provide them.

If the phone is wireless, it will also return the last date when the phone was ported from the last carrier to the current carrier. This information is currently automatically returned for Manual lookups only. For API lookups, it requires a specific option in the API call. It is an optional field for File Uploads.


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