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Is your service prepaid or postpaid?
Our service is prepaid.
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How long have you been in business?
Data247 has been in business since June 2010.
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Can I get a free trial of your services?
Yes, when you sign up for an account with Data247, we automatically add 15 cents to your prepaid balance for testing purposes.
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What are your membership rates?
Data247 membership costs $12 per month. Members can access any of the Data247 services. Each service has a per-transaction fee, and the amount varies for each service. For example, the Text@ servi...
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If I do a high volume of transactions, can I get a discount on the per-transaction fees?
Yes, please contact us about a discounted rate.
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What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payment by credit card, PayPal, personal checks, and wire transfers. We use PayPal for processing credit card payments.
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What happens if my account runs out of money?
If your balance goes to $0, your service will become inactive, and you will not be able to perform any more transactions until you add more money. Once you create an account, you can set up custom...
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If my account balance goes to zero, will I still be charged a monthly fee?
Once an account balance goes to zero, we
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When I make a payment, will my money show up instantly on my account?
If your credit card or PayPal transaction clears immediately, your money will be automatically added to your account within 60 seconds. If your payment does not clear instantly (as in the case of ...
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Is your service stable and reliable and is there a backup service in event of failure?
Our main servers are located in Chicago, and we have backup servers in Arizona if the ones in Chicago go down. * We're connected to the same infrastructure that the wireless carriers
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LogicTree, Inc.
15 Main Street, Unit 12A
Franklin, MA 02038
+1 (877) 805-3282

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